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Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Co., Ltd.(JPC), as one of the pioneers in China’s construction and installat ion industry, was founded in 1956 and directly under the Construction Bureau of Jiangsu Province formerly.

With its headquaters located in Nanjing, JPC possesses the registered capital of ¥601,580,000. Among the 3500 employees of the Company, 600 are with middle and senior technical titles, 400 are constructors with Grade I and Grade II qualifications, as well as some awarded municipal, provincial or national excellent project managers.

As the industry's "aircraft carrier" Enterprise, JPC has developed into a large comprehensive company boasting a modern system of enterprise, including four divisions: construction, real estate, overseas projects and capital management. Under JPC are 41 branch companies, 24 shareholding subsidiaries and 4 affiliates, which ensures an annual output value of nearly 30 billion Yuan and total assets of 15 billion Yuan. With six qualifications of general contracting, 12 qualifications of professional contracting, the Company is a Foreign-aid Class A Construction Enterprise and an enterprise with National Class I Qualification for Real Estate Development, which is entitled to independently contract and undertake projects across the world.



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Overseas Branch
Add: 11F, Building A, Shengjian Mansion, No. 99 Yunlongshan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Post Code: 210019
Tel: 0086-25-87753180
Fax: 0086-25-83464089
Email: [email protected]
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